Video Evidence

December 21st, 2013 Black Shadow and the a White Flash Ball on the Stage.


 Red Wine Robert Lowry tells us there are 14 Spirits


While the paranormal entities are not able to apply for bad credit auto loans, or buy houses and get jobs, they are able to communicate with us who can and sometimes do so very well. They have many different ways in which they like to communicate. Communication through speech, caught on EVPs, even other sounds can be heard and translated whether they enjoy your presence or not. They can even communicate while appearing - whether in shadow form, ghostly form or other forms.  They will try and make their presence known, when they want to. 


 Obtaining Red Wine Roberts Last Name (LOWRY)


 Red Wine Robert Lowry Afraid of Ed Konkler Sessions




OPI Investigation of the Twin City Opera House 


 K-2 Session From Legend Trackers from Ohio


 Black Mass Captured on 2 DVR Cameras in the Basement

Central Ohio Ghost Squad (COGS) Ed Konkler


 Video of incident with Charlie a spirit in the catwalk

Part 1 of 2


Video of incident with Charlie a spirit in the catwalk

Part 2 of 2 


 Another Session with Charlie in the East Catwalk


Eric Glosser with Keith Age Using Ovilus Part 1 of  3


 Eric Glosser with Keith Age Using Ovilus Part 2 of  3


 Eric Glosser with Keith Age Using Ovilus Part 3 of 3


 K-2 Session in the Basement Circleville Ghost Hunters (Ohio)


 Twin City Opera House Catwalk / Bloodhound Paranormal from W.V.


 Twin City Opera House Dual Flashlight Episode / Bloodhound paranormal from W.V.


EVP Video by: Para Ghost Invest Hunters


 EVP Video by: Aaron Rigsby


 Video by: The Shadowseekers


Video by: lcgh08 


 Video by: lcgh08