John Carroll University
December 2nd, 2016


Manages Ghost Hunts at the Haunted Twin City Opera House

Hi Eric,
Just wanted to thank all of you so much for an awesome weekend! I highly endorse your overnight adventure up there and wrote on my blog about it. ( ) We look forward to another visit down your way in the future.  I am working on a video about what we have discovered on our EVPs and video.  While I have not found any amazing pics, the EVP is great.  We got some evp talking about being forgiven up on the catwalk as well as Everett Miller saying his name. We also got  a scary sounding voice on one of the video, which raised the hair on the arms of some crew members.  I will send you the link when I am done.  You guys are great! 
I think what I liked best is the fact that you not only study the building, but also the evidence you are getting.  You have my complete respect for that alone.  Please keep up the awesome work! 
Kindest Regards,
Kimberly Mitchell
Ghosting 12 Paranormal Investigations and Historical Research