2016 Photograph of the Black Mass "Charlie" Hovering 
over the back of Stephanie Walls on a Public Hunt

 Old Opera House Photographs

 SyFy Chiller Channel Filming Night for the Spooked Reality TV Series 

The Booth Brothers with Keith Age

Twin City Opera House in McConnelsville, Ohio

 Photographs of Anomalies at the Twin City Opera House

Color Thermal Image just prior to Anomaly appearing.
 Color Thermal Image of Anomaly behind Investigator

 Grey Scale Thermal Image of Anomaly behind Investigator (Same as Color Image above Right)

This was captured after Investigators were getting strong hits on their EMF Meters.

June 22nd, 2013 by Eric Glosser

Photo taken by Nicki Chamah-Davis December 15th, 2012
Photo taken by Daphne Hylton December 15th, 2012

Photo taken by Pat Bussard (Ghost Writers) on the Stage Right Catwalk Area.

Sunday May 6th, 2012. Possibly of Red Wine Robert Lowry & Elizabeth. 

 Photo taken just prior to the one above

 Photo taken just after the one above

 Black Mass Photographed

Community Ghost Hunt 10/30/09

 Black Mass Photographed in Basement (Black Hole)

Community Ghost Hunt 10/29/11


 Black Mass Photo Captured by Brandon Spradlin

02/05/2011 Public Ghost Hunt.



In Memory of:

Everett T. Miller

1888 - 1956

Twin City Opera House Usher for 30 Years

(Still Performing His Duties There To This Day)


 McDonald Birch

World Famous Magician

McConnelsville Native


In Memory:

 Eric Glosser, Deceased


Eric left us with one of the best groups of people we could ask for. Now it's up to us to carry on.

 Sam Taylor

UPP Executive Director / Case Manager

June, 2021 - Present