The Ghosts of "Red Wine" Robert Lowery, 

A stage performer named Victoria from West Virginia frequently performed at the Opera House since it's opening in 1892. She took fancy to a stage-hand who worked there by the name of Robert Lowery. The problem was Robert was married to another woman, however, one night they both gave in to lust and 9 months later a little girl was born by the name of Elizabeth. This was kept a secret for the fear of being shunned. For a few years Victoria did not return to the Opera House but when she finally returned she told Robert he was the Father. From that point whenever Victoria performed at the Opera House she would allow Elizabeth to watch the show from the catwalk with her father Robert Lowery. One night in 1903 when Victoria returned to the Opera House to perform, Elizabeth was very sick with a high fever. Elizabeth stayed at the Kennebeck Hotel that night and did not attend her mothers show. Elizabeth was 10 years old at this time. After the show when Victoria returned to the Hotel she found that Elizabeth had died from the high fever. Devastated Victoria never returned to McConnelsville. Robert began to drink heavily and died just a couple of years later. It is not certain when Victoria passed away, however when she did it is believed that her soul returned to the Opera House in search for Elizabeth and Robert to no avail. We captured the clearest evp we have ever heard and it was from Victoria/ In distress she said "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I swear I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." We believe this was Victoria sending a message to Elizabeth. About a year after capturing this evp a group of friends were investigating at the Opera House. Retired Pastor Rick Cassidy was talking to Elizabeth in the Catwalk. We had captured her name there when we first started investigating the Opera House in 2007, however, we did not know who she was or what her story was at that time. Rick asked her questions and he obtained an evp from Elizabeth saying "I Forgive", which we later found that she was forgiving her mother Victoria for leaving her alone at the Hotel. Rick was trying to help Elizabeth find her Mommy. Little did we know at that time, she was actually in the catwalk with her father Robert. After that night Rick Cassidy investigated there, the place seemed to change. A few months later we were asking for the woman who said that she was so sorry to come and talk to us again and we got lucky. In the same voice, with the same accent, she sad "I'm ok now, really".  About 1 year after first discovering Elizabeth n the catwalk we captured an evp up there of a man saying "I've got Red Wine". This was the start of something very awesome at the Opera House, a friendship with a male spirit named Robert Lowery... aka. "Red Wine Robert". This spirit has answered hundreds of questions we had for him. He confirmed that he indeed was the father of Elizabeth, that he had an affair with Victoria, that there were a total of 14 spirits in the Opera House. Robert and Elizabeth consistently communicates with us there and when the night is right we hear and communicate with Victoria as well. It seems the 3 of them are together now.
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I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I swear I'm sorry, didn't mean to.
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I'm OK now, really
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I Forgive
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I've got red wine